Ranking European tractors manufacturers Who registered the most new tractors in Europe in 2015 ?

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Who is the leader in tractor registration in Germany, in Italy ? Who is the best-selling tractor brand in Europe ? Which group got the largest market share in Europe ? Discover, in a new way, the market shares of the leading tractor manufacturers in Europe in 2015.

Graph Europe sales volumes by brand

If the first place for John Deere (18.6 %) and the second for New Holland ( 15.8 %) are fairly predictable, Fendt on the third place at 8.7 % was enough to disconcert our vision. However apart from the first 2 tractors leading manufacturer in Europe, other brands like Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Claas and Deutz-Fahr follow in a handkerchief.

Graphic Europe by group registrations.

If we compile the results of different brands by groups, ranking is changing. CNH is the group, with its New Holland, Case IH and Steyr brands, who headed the European ranking of tractor registration. In fact, one quarter of the tractors sold in Europe and CNH tractors. The Agco group with its brands Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra follow with 21 % market share. John Deere is just behind with 19 % of European tractor sales. These two last groups represent 1/5 of each new tractor registrations in 2015.

Working methods :

Press groups partners of Terre-net.fr and Press groups from Machine of the Year, worked together to conduct the first study in the press of tractor sales volumes in Europe.

Some sources refused to be quoted, the others are :

http://www.agrarheute.com/agrartechnik   ,   http://www.maskinbladet.dk/   , http://bauernzeitung.at/   ,   http://www.sillonbelge.be/   ,   http://www.nekanecom.com/   , http://www.agromechanika.net.pl/   ,   http://www.abolsamia.pt/   ,   http://ja.se/   ,   www.traktori.hr

Other sources were also used as, Agrievolution, Unacma, FTMTA, AEA.

Limits of the analysis :

The data collected are representing 141,682 tractors in 22 European countries. But the latest figures totaling the European market are of 169,500 tractors in 2014 (source : CEMA / Agrievolution / VDMA). The study represents about 84 % of the European market. However, the main countries in terms of volume are present in the analysis : France, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK, Spain, ...

Data processing from the tractor market in 2015 are calculated over 16 countries. The whole of Europe is not available. However a majority of the volume is taken into account and allows us to understand the positioning of the brands in Europe.

More than 37 brands of tractors sold in Europe were listed in this survey. For ease of reading and understanding we have grouped all brands that do not registered more than 1,000 tractors in the category  “others”. This still represents 16 tractor brands for over 92 % of the market studied.

Functions in countries the source of information may vary. In fact the interpretation of the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Communities and in particular its judgments, John Deere Ltd 27 October 1994 (C-7/95) and John Deere Ltd on 28 May 1998 (C-7/95) is not the same in different countries. The result is that in some countries registration is formally given by the unions of manufacturers or distributors, while in other countries it is necessary that journalists conduct a enquiry to estimate the market share. In other countries such as Ireland or the UK, we use the figure of previous years, (2013 in this case when writing these lines) before the lack of transparency on figures in those countries.

In some states the notion of power greater than 50 hp is not taken into account in the calculation of registrations. This data is important in the North Country’s but not necessarily in the southern countries where specialized low-power tractors represent a significant share of sales. Therefore registrations between countries are not comparable. 

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