Assembling agricultural equipment Single supplier for assembling, storing and delivering

Some agricultural equipment is supplied flat packed from their manufacturing plant. The manufacturer usually liaises with an external company for parts to be assembled, once the machinery has been delivered. This makes it difficult for him to appraise quality of the whole process. Translyre provides a unique assembling service for agricultural equipment which is plant-quality guaranteed.

In order to reduce transport costs, agricultural machinery manufacturers deliver some of their products in spare parts. That’s especially the case for hay making equipment which are usually assembled by the dealer, whose team may be insufficiently trained or may lack the time necessary. Incorrect assembly might decrease the machine reliability. Fortunately, Translyre provides a unique assembling service on its Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure, Normandy) site which will offer the agricultural equipment the care they deserve.

Translyre team of mechanics and hydraulic engineers offers its expertise in a 1 100 m² warehouse with a moving deck, for assembling and setting up your equipment, such as hay tedder, hay harvester, swather…), according to each constructor’s specific requirements.  In addition, Translyre has a liability insurance in case of any potential assembly defects.

When starting a new collaboration, Translyre performs a test under assembling conditions, in order to evaluate the time needed as well as adjusting movements to factory-quality process.   « Our workshop is organised as a assembly line. 2 to 3 people are dedicated to this task, full time. If we started this service with haymaking machinery, we are also able to help assemble other equipment, such as tilling machinery for example. » says Dominique René.

For receiving rates for assembling, storing and delivering equipment all over France in less than 6 days just contact Translyre.

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