Buffer stock Translyre can host agricultural machinery range for increased sales reactivity

Translyre, a French road transport company specialised in agricultural equipment delivery, opens its Normandy site in Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure) to manufacturers and importers looking for a buffer stock solution in France. A smart way to reduce delivery time and develop sales in the country.

As an agricultural manufacturer, managing the availability of a machine, shortly after it is sold is crucial. But the time between the actual sale and the delivery to the client can be significant, even though you make the most to prepare the shipment, organise the transport according to the distance and the different tasks until final delivery.

Of course, you try your best, knowing that short delivery time benefits the sale. Thanks to its ‘buffer stock’ service on its Verneuil sur Avre (Eure) site, Translyre offers you a solution to be more reactive whilst optimising this timeline.

Responsiveness - Translyre has been an expert for transport throughout France, where it operates on a daily basis, and Belgium for 25 years. Thus, Translyre is able to guarantee the delivery in 2 days within 300 km and in maximum 5 days for further distance, at an attractive bulking price.

Expertise – Translyre fully secure facility covers 40 000m² and is equipped with all the necessary handling tools. Its teams of experts are especially trained for handling any type of machinery whether it is on pellet, on wheels or mounted. For actual transport, Translyre draw on 22 different dedicated trucks, specifically designed for agricultural machinery, to welcome small machinery to huge harvester.

Flexible – Storage and transport are held from one and only site, in Normandy. Translyre will ship your equipment to its purchaser, at the right moment, whatever his location on the French territory. No more hassle organising a several delivery points round.

Simple – Just send us an email to order one of our service. We are dedicated to receiving your agricultural equipment, store it, handle it and transport it. Tracking in real time thanks to dematerialised consignment letter.

Transparent – Translyre storage and transport costs are clearly available. The storage cost is fixed without any time limitation: 40 € when the machinery enters and 40 € when it leaves the site. The cost remains unchanged whether the equipment remains one week or a month on the site. As to the transport costs, they are based on the machinery’ size and the distance from Verneuil-sur-Avre to all the French ‘départements’. You are then able to know precisely the delivery cost, without having to ask for quotes and choosing a supplier, which saves time and trouble!

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