Tractor market analysis Which European country has registered the most new tractors in 2015 ?

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How has the new tractor market evolved in Europe between 2014 and 2015 ? What are the European countries that registered the most agricultural tractors ? Discover with this interactiv map and charts, for the first time, a study of tractors agricultural market in 22 European countries.

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Three countries account for over 50 % of the agricultural tractor market in Europe : France, Germany and Italy. The France alone accounts for 1/5 and is again the leader of the market.

Working methods :

Press groups partners of and Press groups from Machine of the Year, worked together to conduct the first study in the press of tractor sales volumes in Europe.

Some sources refused to be quoted, the others are :  ,  ,

Other sources were also used as, Agrievolution, Unacma, FTMTA, AEA.

A special thanks to Systematics Ltd. for its data in the following countries : Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovenia.


Limits of the analysis :

The data collected are representing 141,682 tractors in 22 European countries. But the latest figures totaling the European market are of 169,500 tractors in 2014 (source : CEMA / Agrievolution / VDMA). The study represents about 84 % of the European market. However, the main countries in terms of volume are present in the analysis : France, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK, Spain, ...

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